Lenovo Ideapad 700 Review - Laptop with GTX 950M GPU - Compared to Y700

By Lon Seidman Jul 08, 2016 04:15 AM Laptop Review

Buy it on Amazon - http://lon.tv/0c2ub (affiliate link) - The Ideapad 700 has a discrete GPU that's good for gaming with a form factor that looks more like a work laptop.

See my Y700 Gaming laptop review here:

00:43 - Hardware overview
01:45 - Ports overview
02:37 - Keyboard and trackpad
03:40 - Upgrading RAM and hard drive
04:24 - Web browsing , YouTube video streaming
05:12 - Microsoft Word and Office applications
05:26 - Gaming : Minecraft
05:47 - Gaming : GTA V
06:43 - Speakers and audio quality
07:05 - Gaming : Counterstrike: GO
07:38 - 3DMark Benchmark results
08:18 - High end video playback with Kodi (Blu-Ray and HEVC)
08:47 - Battery life
09:34 - Conclusion and final thoughts comparing to Y700 laptop

Overall this is a nice laptop that puts performance ahead of battery life in a package that might be better suited for more professional environments vs. the Y700 gaming machine. It's thinner, lighter, and looks more like a work computer.

Its Nvidia 950M GPU is less powerful than the one in the Y700 gaming laptop but it is good enough for decent framerates in modern games including GTA V that I tested in the video. I also like that it's possible to upgrade the RAM and hard drive relatively easily.

All in this is a nice desktop replacement machine that will occasionally be untethered from a power supply. The GPU adds performance that other laptops at its price point might lack.

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