ASUS N550 / N550JV /N550JK review

By GadgetJM Jul 14, 2016 16:30 PM Laptop Review

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If you don't like the big 17 inch N-series multimedia laptop from ASUS, you'll be happy to find out they have a smaller 15.6 inch version, the Asus N550, which we'll going to take a look here. We've got the N550JV model from ASUS to test.

The smaller model gets a bright IPS touch panel with a glossy treatment and less storage options (only one HDD down from up to three on the bigger N750), but the rest of the specs remain pretty much the same. Watch our Asus N550 review and let us know what you think about this model.

The Asus N550JK is the newer version of the N550JV tested here, but it's identical with one major difference: it packs an Nvidia GTX 850M graphics chip (on the N550JK-DH71), as opposed to the Nvidia GT 750M chip on the N550JV version. That is translated in better gaming performance for the JK version, but not by much.

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