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මිලානෝ නුවර ටොයිලට් බස්

👤Admin 🕔10:39, 27 Feb 2016 0 807

යුරෝපයේ පළමුවන මුත්‍රා බස් එක දැන් ඉතාලියේ මිලානෝ නුවර ස්ථන ගත කර ඇත මෙම බස් රතය ...

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Three heavily armed Britons arrested in Greece

👤Admin 🕔23:09, 15 Feb 2016 0 647

Greek police have arrested three British men in two separate operations on suspicion of trying to move a large number ...

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Swedish police investigate killing at refugee centre

👤Europe News 🕔10:30, 14 Feb 2016 0 532

Police are investigating a killing at an asylum centre in Sweden after a fight broke out among residents.It is the ...

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